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Constructive Dismissal and Covid-19

Nov 9, 2020 | 0 comments

In the face of the economic downturn created by Covid-19, many employers have instituted wage rollbacks and have imposed significant job changes on their workers.  In some cases, these changes have created tremendous economic stress on employees to the point where they can no longer make ends meet. 

Where an employer makes a substantial change to your income or imposes substantial changes to your job duties, they may have constructively dismissed you.

A constructive dismissal occurs when an employer unilaterally imposes substantial changes to your employment terms.  Your rights in this situation are substantially the same as in your standard wrongful dismissal case i.e. you are entitled to reasonable notice of these changes or to declare yourself constructively dismissed and receive pay in lieu of reasonable notice.

Not all changes imposed by employers amount to a constructive dismissal so it is important for you to seek legal advice to determine your rights in the face of these changes.


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